Madrigalen (The Madrigal)

Madrigalen is a women’s choir from Finland. We mainly speak Swedish since we reside in the Swedish-speaking parts of Finland, but our repertoire consists of songs in both Swedish and Finnish as well as songs in Estonian, Norwegian, Italian and of course in English. We have a vast repertoire including many different genres, from sacred music to secular music and pop music. Twice a year we give a concert in our home town of Jakobstad. 

The choir was founded in 1997 by Gunilla Luther-Lindqvist, still an active member. The name Madrigalen originates from the Italian word madrigale, referring to a polyphonic vocal piece.

For the past two years Johan Tonberg has been our conductor and he not only leads and teaches us, but also composes and arranges songs for us.

At the moment 30 women of all ages sing together on Thursday evenings. The joy of creating music and the cohesion within the choir are what define us. Except for choir practice we gather several times a year to enjoy an evening in singing sisters’ company.

During the twenty-five years as a choir Madrigalen has participated in choral festivals in Estonia, Spain, Croatia, Malta and Italy. We look forward to visiting Ireland and the Cork Choral Festival since it has been an aspiration for a long time.

Listen to our 25 year anniversary song, ”Sömntuta och Tigerlilja”. Lyrics Alexandra Sandbäck, Music Andrea Eklund

Here is where you can listen to us during th Cork international choral festival:

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